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I can also design and run the following courses -please contact me for details

All of the courses below can be designed and delivered for your organisation. Please get in touch to discuss details of content and delivery.

Management theory for housing and social work professionals

This course looks at a range of useful management theories to to assist with motivating and managing a team, setting clear objectives and selecting an appropriate management style.

Scottish Housing Law and Policy

This course provides an overview of current Scottish housing legislation and policy  with an emphasis on landlord/tenant law and homelessness.

Active Listening Skills

This course is particularly helpful for advisers and frontline staff. The course will enable learners to structure an interview, practice effective listening techniques and recognise barriers to communication.

Setting and achieving personal goals

This course explores and provides an opportunity to practice a range of techniques including personal action plans, coaching, goal setting and motivation.

Resilience and wellbeing at work

This course looks at current techniques to help with time and stress management and explains how to incorporate pathways to wellbeing into the workplace.  We also explore assertiveness and handling difficult conversations.