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 Housing and reflective practice- building skills- promoting resilience 

TrainLearnDo exists to bring the best of current training and reflective practice techniques to the third and public sectors. 

I have over twenty years experience in housing, training, social work and leadership . This blend of first hand experience, extensive training skills and expert legislative knowledge makes for innovative, informed and enjoyable sessions. 


"We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience" (John Dewey)

My new focus for 2020 is to develop reflective practice skills in the sector. Reflective practice means  thinking about, or reflecting on what you do.

It is closely linked to the concept of learning from experience, in that you think about what you did, and what happened, and decide from that what you would do differently next time. Reflective practice at work can be a group activity where a team looks at experiences together, or it can be used by individuals as  a very useful skill for personal and career development. It is an excellent tool for promoting resilience in the workplace,

The toolkit I have designed has many applications and can support staff appraisals and supervision, committee self-assurance and team building.

I can travel to your venue to deliver day and half day sessions. No two sessions are the same- I use my skills and knowledge to work with the issues that matter to you. I also offer a range of housing law, policy and essential skills courses and seminars.  

You can contact me by using the form at the end of the page.

Jane Heppenstall 

Housing and reflective practice- building skills- promoting resilience



To be effective and ready for the challenges faced by our sector today frontline staff today need to develop

  • Resilience and emotional intelligence
  • The ability to be self-aware and critically reflective

("Frontline Futures” research (Chartered Institute of Housing and Wheatley Group)

In this session we will explore what these qualities mean and  why they are important. We will look at how to develop them through reflective practice, enabling us to improve the services we provide and increase staff resilience and empathy.

Housing and reflective practice- how can the course help you?


Benefits and applications

Reflective practice has a range of applications and can help support 


  • Self assurance- evidence building for Registered Social Landlords
  • Good practice for Housing Support services registered with the SSSC
  • Portfolios for SVQs and Modern Apprenticeships
  • Staff appraisals and Continuous Professional Development 
  • Setting and achieving personal goals 

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Half day training session session introducing the key concepts


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Full day training session introducing the key concepts and working with examples from your organisation


Feedback from reflective practice sessions

 “ The whole team benefited from Jane’s very informative training session on Reflective Practice in Housing. Everyone found it easy to contribute and we are now equipped with tools that will  allow us to reflect on difficult situations that happen at work or at home, and learn how to deal with them effectively to ensure a more positive outcome in the future. We are looking forward to exploring this further at team meetings.”

Carol Hamilton

Housing & Customer Service Manager

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