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Q. Who needs pie?

A. Everybody needs pie!

Especially when PIE stands for Psychologically Informed Environments and the session comes with an edible training reminder


Feedback from Reflective Practice Training


“ The whole team benefited from Jane’s very informative training session on Reflective Practice in Housing. Everyone found it easy to contribute and we are now equipped with tools that will  allow us to reflect on difficult situations that happen at work or at home, and learn how to deal with them effectively to ensure a more positive outcome in the future. We are looking forward to exploring this further at team meetings.”

Carol Hamilton

Housing & Customer Service Manager

Wellhouse Housing Association 


Something different? It's not all housing and social courses work for all kinds of's some feedback from a riding club

 Hi Jane
Thank you so much for coming to give your talk today. It was wonderful. So clever of you because it seemed to cover so many relevant aspects in such a short, concise but fun and understandable way.
Loved the 'should section'. Will never think it again.
The Riding Rainbow Chart is amazing.  It's such a simple thing but absolutely right, and the happy/sad page is the perfect way to follow on and allow people to contribute without getting tongue-tied or self-conscious.
Really super ... Lisa said it though ... you're a very clever lady!
Thank you